Egil Kalman (b.1989) is a Swedish bass player, synthesist, improviser and composer based in Copenhagen.

Photo by Zoe Efstathiou

DEBUT RECORD 'Kingdom of Bells - Egil Kalman plays the Synthi 100' COMING 2021 on iDeal Recordings

With support from Koda’s Cultural Funds

Various links
Video Series of folk music played on the modular synthesizer
Video of duo with Zoe Efstathiou 
2nd Record with Miman 'Stora mängder rymdgrus'
Trio with Marthe Lea and Hans Hulbæckmo
  Short videos of modular synth patches (instagram)

Egil Kalman Fredrik Rasten - Weaving a Fabric of Winds (Shhpuma) 
Zoe Efsatathiou Egil Kalman - Alkekung (Alkekung Records)
Miman - Stora Mängder Rymdgrus (Motvind Records)
Skrekk & Guro - Folkemusikk 2.0(Taragot)
Rønnings Jazzmaskin (Losen Records)
Miman - Ulme(Motvind Records)
Adeln - Greatest Hits(Comedia Music)
Titta jag flyger (ØRA Fonogram)
Brute Force (Va Fongool)
Nypan - Stereotomic (Losen Records) 

Alasdair Roberts and Völvur 
Skrekk og Guro 
Zoe Efstathiou Egil Kalman 
Egil Kalman Fredrik Rasten 
Titta jag flyger 
Brute Force 
Marthe Lea Band 
Rønnings Jazzmaskin 
Klyv-Olle Trio 

Photo by Christer Männikus